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In 2015, over 40 of Vicki's encaustic paintings were selected to hang in the new University Medical Center of New Orleans (below).  In 2018, her work was accepted into the Encaustic  Art Institute of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Vicki's paintings hang in many commercial buildings as well as private homes from New Orleans, LA to Panama City, FL.  

Vicki Lee lives and paints in New Orleans, Louisiana.  After retiring from a career in accounting, she studied art and painting at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts.  

In 2009, Vicki discovered the medium of beeswax and proceeded to learn the intricacies of working as an encaustic artist.  Encaustic means 'to burn with heat' and most of her work includes beeswax or wax crayons that are manipulated by heat from a blow torch, heat gun or hot plate.

Her work is primarily abstract with color influences from seascapes and landscapes she appreciates.


In addition to painting, she enjoys teaching wax-based applications in her studio in New Orleans and at other art studios and venues throughout the country

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